Stoneyowl Solutions
Occasionally (more often than not) I get curious about something and want to check out my ideas and seat-of-the-pants solutions. This page is where I document these odds and ends of thought (as well as my Blog, and the result of my investigations. I currently am looking at the card game of Cribbage. I have played cribbage for over 60 years with my grandparents, parents, siblings, and anyone else that knows the game. When I was working as a checmist, and we hade no work to do, we used to play four handed cribbage for literally hours on end.
Some years ago I wanted to see if my anecdotal evidence of what the 'average' cribbage hand score was, and if it matched a rigorous statistical analysis. So I wrote a program to generate large numbers of cribbage hands and perfrom several statistical measurements on the resulting dataset of hand scores.
The results of this investigation (source code, resulting data sets, and statistical analysis) can be downloaded here